Yes, we drop-ship to your customers!

Distributors of safety products frequently do not want to keep an inventory of safety products for sale with them. The reasons for this can be varied:

  • The demand for the product might fluctuate.
  • The client might want the products ASAP.
  • There might be warehousing problems.
  • The costs of stockpiling the products might be prohibitive.
  • Our products can be a great add-on to your portfolio.

In all such cases, Aramid would be happy to fulfill your orders on-demand! Simply email us to get started. Folks who work with us get hefty commissions on the sale of our products!

Here’s how it works:

Get Order

Work with your customers to create an order for one of our products. We can create a product-brochure for you with our products, and your contact information to make this easier for you. We can also create custom web-pages for you to import into your site!

Get Estimate

Contact us, and get a quote for the order. Communicate it to your customer, with your margin on top of it.

Confirm Order

Confirm the order with your customer, and then confirm the order with us, and get a % commission on the sale from us!

Order Shipped!

That’s it! We will create, and ship the products to your customers! You can even send us your custom invoices/branding to include in the shipment. A check for your commission will be mailed to you upon delivery.