Mittens (Mitts) are typically used in scenarios where there isn’t any tactile requirement to handle material. They are easy to wear, and come off very, very quickly. Thus they are very well suited for situations where materials with extremely high temperatures need to be handled.

Mitts are heavy-duty by the nature of their design. They are useful for the following sitations:

  • Handling molten glass momentarily while giving it shape during glass-blowing.
  • Handling containers containing molten material.

This mitten as shown, is an 11″ mitten with heavy 45 oz. PBI & Vertex fabric. Padded with Glass Wool and a Nomex® Liner, it can achieve a heat resistance of up to 1800°F. More or less heat-resistance can be achieved by customizing the mitten by using more or less layers of alternative fabrics, or a combination of them.

Product ID: NMT-PBI/Vertex